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Staff Picks


Award-winning journalist Aaron Maté and comedian Katie Halper give thorough and amusing commentary on the day's international and domestic political happenings.

Perfect for beginner Spanish learners looking to practice their listening skills through clearly articulated prose.

Intelligence Squared UK presents a very different point of view than is readily available in US media. It features live debates about foreign policy, religion, history, social policy, politics, economics, science, technology, art, culture, and the environment.

Legal commentary that is explained by intelligent and sharp constitutional law professors–Leah Litman, Kate Shaw, and Melissa Murray–focusing on the Supreme Court.

Dig deep into the culinary world. Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley pick one food topic each episode and explore it from every angle: its place in history, the science behind how it's grown and its functions, and how it fits into the social and cultural landscapes.

Jason and Carissa Weiser find stories from mythology and folklore from all around the world and retell them in funny and digestible episodes.

This podcast explores the current movie landscape featuring interesting reviews of new movies, explorations into the state of moviegoing, and interviews with move makers and stars. The best episodes may be their movie drafts where the hosts select a year and then try to select the perfect movie slate. Come to learn about a specific year's movies, stay for the funny interpersonal banter of the hosts and their guests.

Do you have four hours to listen to a podcast about a band you've never heard of? Then Bandsplain is for you! Host Yasi Salek plus a rotation of fun guests do the deepest of dives into various musical groups. I've found the podcast even more rewarding when listening to an episode about a band you've never listened to before, you never know they may become your favorite band (true story)!

I like the Hearth & Home podcast. Wisdom from a thoughtful homesteader in Vermont: Heather Bruggeman at Northridge Farm.

I like "Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain". She doesn't focus on anything in particular, just kind of chats like you would with your friends over coffee. She's my comfort Youtuber, so I have a soft spot for her.

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