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3432 Fireman.jpg

Drawing of a fireman

Ernest Hassinger's Scrapbooks (1900–1910)

Transcribed and Indexed by Audrey M. Klinkenberg, 2017

This scrap book, filled with ephemera, news items, pictures, minutes of firemen’s conventions and the village government, local baseball information and news of the clubs Mr. Hassinger belonged to, provides a good slice of life in the early 1900’s. It is the third of four known scrap books compiled by the “Historian” of Saugerties, Ernest Hassinger, who was also responsible for the 1911 Old Home Week Book.

You will find identified pictures of firemen, mostly from the Hudson Valley, also identified pictures of female stars of the stage.

The challenge to transcribe all of the written material and to scan items and pictures is complete. Every picture and illustration has been included in the illustration diskette. Some news items of local interest and all the obituaries are also provided.

The index includes special sections, Company, Death, Fire, Location, Organization, Ship and Stamp.

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