Stephen L. Crohn Gallery Exhibit

Artist: Barbara Bash

May - June 2022

Show: Open Eyes

Children’s Book Art of the Natural World

The inspiration to make children’s books grew out of my fascination with the stories out there in the natural world.

I write and illustrate for children because I trust the process of gathering these stories, in all their complexity, and distilling them down to what is essential. That’s what children see.

The creation of each of these books took me into some wild worlds – deep forests, dark caves, colorful deserts, towering skyscrapers! I looked and listened and sketched and contemplated each world.

The art in this show are the original paintings from a number of my books. The text is alongside.


March – April 2022: Susan Murphy
May – June 2022: Barbara Bash

July - August 2022: K Velis Turan

September - October: TBA

Artist: Brian Lynch

Images from Everyday Life

In this photo, Saugerties artist Brian Lynch is seen installing a mural [5 x 21 feet] made specifically for our ground floor hallway between the Children’s Section and the Saugerties Public Library Art Gallery. It was created in connection with his show: Images from Everyday Life. The mural is collaged from various Lynch works. You can see many scenes and people depicted in Lynch’s unique style—a style that generates empathy for the human condition.

This unique work is the first

site-specific work done for the Library.