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Stephen L. Crohn Gallery Exhibit

Artist: Ze'ev Willy Neumann
Show: Moving On

March - April 2023

In late November 2019 I started to venture into painting. I had to reinvent myself, since I had not practiced it on a consistent basis in a long while. I’d been sculpting close to 40 years. I needed to build a body of 2D works, which would give me a perspective of who I am as a painter. The process of creativity for me is part adventure and part discovery, mixed with invention. So, what was this 2-dimensional flat surface waiting for me to do? The creative juices were in me, but they needed to get out.


I got excited when I decided to paint on plywood boards as opposed to a canvas, and also to refrain from using a brush but instead use putty knives. I bought a  4'x 8.5' sheet of plywood, and had it cut to a manageable size. Subject-wise, I wanted to limit myself to a single image on the board, as if to say, I paint the title, and you, the viewer, complete the story.

By nature I like to diversify. I chose a topic, and created an image or series, then moved on to another topic or image. It's a bit like writing poetry. 

An Artist is an opinionated person!

Nature, Art, and Luck. 
Ze'ev Willy Neumann 


Altered Books

Artists and artist teams have installed temporary artwork inside the library, which are made from materials garnered from discarded car repair books that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Over 16 artists have created work that may hang from the ceiling, sit on a shelf or display in a window in the upper story of the library. Some artworks may be touched, while others are not. Please follow the notes artists leave about touching their work.

The show will be on display until the end of April.

Artist: Brian Lynch

Images from Everyday Life

In this photo, Saugerties artist Brian Lynch is seen installing a mural [5 x 21 feet] made specifically for our ground floor hallway between the Children’s Section and the Saugerties Public Library Art Gallery. It was created in connection with his show: Images from Everyday Life. The mural is collaged from various Lynch works. You can see many scenes and people depicted in Lynch’s unique style—a style that generates empathy for the human condition.

This unique work is the first

site-specific work done for the Library.


March - April: Zeev Willy Neumann

May - June: Roni Wilder-Guidi

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