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Stephen L. Crohn Gallery Exhibit

Artist: Alicia Gibson

Tails From the Crypt

March - April 2024

Alicia Gibson, originally from the North Shore of Long Island, NY, now lives and works in Saugerties via Brooklyn. Her Sheltie Tails lives up to his name – you may know him from Tails and Sonic. She’s very grateful he’s super crazy and you know, takes the heat off her.

She received her BA from Boston College, a Post-Baccalaureate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and an MFA from Hunter College. She’s had several solo shows in NYC and Chicago. Alicia has also participated in group shows both nationally and internationally. She is represented by Loyal Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work has been reviewed in Frieze, NY Times, Art News, Frontrunner Magazine, Hyperallergic, MOMUS, Art Papers and the Boston Globe. She is in numerous private collections including Donatella Versace.

Alicia’s focus on her dog in these intimate and often humorous settings gives it more of a 21st Century flavor. From CM Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker” to Francis Picabia’s “Femme au bull-dog”, the canine figure is seen in a new light. Anthropomorphic representations of dogs, as well as using source materials from magazines and photography, become more  prevalent. Alicia’s work echoes this kitsch and uses mash-up aesthetic. Tails’ personality is shown through various poses and filters in a performative nature, getting to the core of the canine spirit.

Artist: Brian Lynch

Images from Everyday Life

In this photo, Saugerties artist Brian Lynch is seen installing a mural [5 x 21 feet] made specifically for our ground floor hallway between the Children’s Section and the Saugerties Public Library Art Gallery. It was created in connection with his show: Images from Everyday Life. The mural is collaged from various Lynch works. You can see many scenes and people depicted in Lynch’s unique style—a style that generates empathy for the human condition.

This unique work is the first

site-specific work done for the Library.


January - February: Kate Sarah Mitchell

March - April: Alicia Gibson

May - June: Erica Pagerey

July - August: TBD

September - October: Briar Mulvey

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