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Loan Periods & Fines

Children's materials have no fines!

Whenever possible, materials will automatically renew. If we have your email address, you will receive an email a few days in advance explaining whether it worked and, if so, when the new due date is.

Museum Passes
3 days
$5 per day late
Kindle Paperwhites
3 weeks
$1 per day late
Roku Player, Library of Things Items
2 weeks
$1 per day late
DVDs: TV Series
3 weeks
$1 per day late
2 weeks
25¢ per day late
New DVDs, Video Games
1 week
$1 per day late
1 Week
10¢ per day late
Books, Audiobooks, Music CDs, Board Games
3 Weeks
15¢ per day late
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