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Ernest Hassinger President

H. V. V. F. A., 1904

Ernest Hassinger's Scrapbooks (1891–1900)

​​A Slice of Life in Saugerties, circa 1891-1900 as seen by Ernest Hassinger, (1852-1935) a German segar maker, who was the proprietor of a tobacco store, complete with Indian, on Partition Street, was a member and sometime officer of the R. A. Snyder Hose Co. No. 1, and of the International Order of Odd Fellows as well as the Royal Arcanum, also a staunch Democrat. He made four known scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and ephemera. This is believed to be the second one.

The index contains all the names plus topics such as Band, Birthday, Boat, Building, Cattle, Cemetery, Church, Cigar, Club, Common Council (date of meeting), Death, Divorce, Education, Fact and Fiction, Fire, Firemanic, Foreign, Horse, Law, Lifestyle, Location, Politics, Sports, Transportation, Veteran, War, and Wedding.

In the index:
M&M = Mr. and Mrs.

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